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Buying real estate is a major purchase and requires many important decisions.

We have provided you with a checklist to assist you in this process:
  1. If you are NOT paying cash then you should first talk to a lender to determine how much you can afford and what are your payments and closing costs. We recommend using a SW Florida lender, as they understand the local and state requirements. It is also important to have a local lender that understands the values of local properties so that you get a proper appraisal. This could make a difference in the amount of down payment you are required to make.
  1. Some people try to find property on their own because they think they will save a commission. It is important to have a knowledgeable
Real Estate professional to assist you as there is much more involved than just a commission. Negotiating the right deal can involve complex terms like Doc Stamps, Intangible taxes, Title Insurance, HUD statements, perorations, Estoppels letters Association fees, and other factors that may involve a large amount of money. You can save money by hiring a qualified Realtor.
  1. New Home Communities- It is important to register and walk into a new home sales center with one of our new home real estate professions, which could save you time and money. Here are some important reasons to do so:
    1. The community pays us/ real estate agent a commission if you purchase and it does not cost you MORE! In fact you should save money because we know of special incentives and how far they will go on price, upgrades, and closing costs.
    2. You have the right to be represented and should be as the on site sales person works for the Community and is looking to makethe best deal for the community.
  1. NOT ALL REALTORS ARE EQUAL: Choosing the right Real Estate Company and Agent is as important as finding the right property!


    1. Our agents have extensive knowledge of the market in terms of new properties as well as re-sales. We also work as teams to give you better service.
    2. We are a small family owned company that has quality agents. Bigger does not mean better or more knowledge.

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