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Lee Collier Realty offers selective listing services. What that means is the we only agree to list a property if we feel that it is marketable and priced competitively. Also here are several factors that determine at what price and how quickly your home will sell.

Location.Although you can not change the location of your property you can emphasis the positive aspects of your properties location.

Condition. It is important that your home or condo is always in showing condition and inviting to potential buyers.

Price. Too many sellers take selling a home personally because they did this or that and it has certain features. It is important to listen to the advise of our agent in terms of pricing. As mentioned we will not list a property unless it is priced right. .

Marketing. Our marketing is second to none in Southwest Florida because of our INTERNET presence. 80% of all buyers turn to the INTERNET to find a home.

Seasonal Factors. The time of year makes a difference as well as Interest rates and economic conditions.

Competition- : How many other similar homes are on the market and yours going to show the best and is it a great deal.

When listing your home with a Realtor, there is a myriad of mutual expectations. Satisfaction of these is accomplished only through effective communication and an action plan that is agreed to in advance by both parties and continuously monitored and adjusted via critical feedback.

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